Singapore threatens the U.S. with war over the TPP

The PM of the tiny nation state that is Singapore stood on White House grounds and told Americans that to reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would mean war; what balls!

Please leave Mr. PM.

He wants American’s to slit their own economic throats and embrace another effort to expand globalization.

The TPP is a failed idea motivated by U.S. multi-national corporations seeking market access in other countries with lower costs and administrative hassles. It has nothing to do with helping the American job and wage outlook or ensuring greater economic strength and prosperity in the future. We are told the TPP is all about corralling China and allowing the U.S. to dictate the terms of trade in the future; it’s a lie. It won’t work.

Of the 12 member nations involved the U.S. has a larger GDP then the next 9 countries combined. No to TPP, and no to foreign leaders coming to America and threatening us to compel us to agree on failed policy.

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