Paul Ryan (R-WI1) Ducks His GOP Opponent

Paul Ryan, the embattled House Speaker has himself a serious challenger in this year's primary; Paul Nehlan.

Nehlan has kept his focus on Ryan's failings in the areas of immigration, trade, and national debt, all areas Ryan has sided with the corporatists and the globalists; the GOP billionaire donor class who have no need for borders and don't want to be dependent on the US consumer when they can rely on consumers overseas instead.

Ryan's tactic of ignoring his opponent by avoiding debates and the media is typical of the incumbent class; risk averse, afraid to be challenged, unwilling to defend their policy actions in front of actual constituents (think non-donors). It is a pathetic practice and should in and of itself disqualify any practitioner from office.

Incumbents and challengers who rely solely on fundraising to compensate for the their lack of policy knowledge or other related expertise deliberately hide from the public, and hide from debates. They know they can't win and forever fearful their lack of knowledge and experience related to public policy will be exposed. Instead, they depend on private fundraisers and TV and radio ads to spread a false message backed by a false image and reputation.

When a candidate in your district, especially an incumbent, refuses to debate or take questions in public it is a bright red warning flag. It means they are unqualified. Don't vote for them.

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