Trump Scores With Foreign Policy Speech

Measured is the word that comes to mind, and for DJT that is an accomplishment. Clearly his speech was prepared for him, and he accepted it and read it without too much flourish and personal commentary.

Trump laid out the failure of the Obama administration and Hillary for their role in the chaos that now envelopes nearly all of the Middle East. He highlighted the carnage Jihadists have brought to the U.S. and other nations with terror attacks, and laid bare the connections Hillary has to Libya, and Benghazi, and the whole of the Arab Spring.

How is that Arab Spring working out?

Trump's decision to further strengthen his immigration position with specific criteria for entry from certain countries separates him from Open Borders Hillary who only wants more Muslims from terror nations to be allowed into America; you know, refugees. His emphasis on law enforcement as an important piece to take down those who enable and support terror attacks further separates him from Hillary and Obama who have failed repeatedly to protect Americans.

And Holy Cow, did I hear a Presidential candidate speak of assimilation? Wow, what a breath of fresh air. Hillary and Obama speak of the opposite; integration. Proponents of integration hate assimilation and tell us all to leave foreigners in our country alone so they can be who they were in their home country, to speak their native language, to hold onto their native cultures lifestyles. Their message; DO NOT ASSIMILATE

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