Ding-Dong The Bush/Clinton Era Is Dead

Thirty-six years of a Bush or Clinton has come to end. Thank God. The adult life of multiple generations has been consumed by those two families.

Bush and Clinton: The globalists, the wreckers, the families that crushed the middles class, the families that weakened America.

I have no doubt in their minds they were well intentioned, but it didn’t work. First, we had Bush Sr. as Vice President and then President. He was an avowed globalist, and while he deserves credit for finally breaking the back of the Soviet Union and ending the Cold War, his actions on trade and immigration were harmful. Then came Slick Willy, the guy who crushed Black America with 3-strikes-you’re-out, NAFTA, PNTR, and encouraging globalization and the outsourcing of American jobs. GW, another globalist, continued the attack on the American Middles Class via immigration and trade, and massive deficit spending, a good part of which was spent on two wars that didn’t need to be fought. Then there was Hillary in the Senate, where she did nothing meaningful and only continued massive deficit spending and the accumulation of more and more debt, something she was a part of from 1992-2000. She spent most of the years since denying she voted to support the Iraq war. There was Hillary as Secretary of State where she failed miserably with highlights including Benghazi and the Arab Spring, and all highlighted by her illegal use of a private server.

Now it is over. They are for now done. We don’t have to listen to them any longer. The Clinton’s, unlike the Reagan’s or the Bush’s, have cashed in on the political life like no others in U.S. History (Al Gore is the only one who could challenge them for wealth creation after office). They have lived off the tax payer their whole life. They have their wealth now, so hopefully they will leave the rest of us alone.

America’s decay began in the 1960’s, got direct policy support by the 1970’s with the opening of China, was delayed a bit from 1980 – 1988, and accelerated from there with the end of the Cold War, signing of NAFTA with Mexico and Canada, and PNTR with China, massive deficit spending and debt accumulation, and a increasingly frayed society. That was on the watch of a Bush or a Clinton. They did their donors bidding, they leveled the global playing field, not by raising up other nations, but rather by weakening America.

Donald Trump has an historic opportunity to change the paradigm, to redirect the historic path of the United States back towards strength and prosperity for all by putting America first, by putting American citizens first.

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