What Did Russia Do We're Not Being Told About?

Big ships, long trains, full bases, and a city ringed by missile defense systems are more indications war with Russia is a real possibility. What did Russia do to bring us to this state of affairs? Is there something behind the scenes we don’t know about?

Crimea & John Podesta’s emails that took down Hillary Clinton don’t justify war with a military superpower. Obama and Hillary told us there was a re-set. Yet, today U.S. troops and equipment continue to mass in Germany and Poland. NATO forces (read U.S. money and equipment) are poised on the eastern EU borders. Moscow is surrounded by missile defense systems. Anti-information campaigns from both sides abound highlighted this week by the BuzzFeed report on President-elect Trump’s sexual escapades and back door dealings with the Russians. The media has spent the past few weeks and hundreds of hours of wasted time on the false news of Russia’s hack of the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Obama and his team, plus Hillary and her team, and all the self-interested establishment types on both sides of the isle are pissed off they lost to Trump. They can’t get past it. They (Dems) intend to find others to blame for their collapse as a group and Russia seems to be a lead culprit. Forgetting the tensions related to Crimea and Ukraine for a moment, threatening war with Russia over emails that hurt Clinton is ridiculous and lacks intellectual seriousness.

Russia’s economy is weak and dependent on extractive industries controlled by a small group of billionaires and the Rubble has been hammered since sanctions were imposed by most of the major economies of the world over their taking of Crimea. Their military, while expanding recently, and adorned with a small amount of flashy new hi-tech military hardware, and feeling good about themselves for their aggressive role in the Syria, is underfunded, poorly equipped, and hurt by low morale and poor training.

Russia’s view of the world and America’s view of the world still differ. President Putin is intent on restoring some honor and respect that was lost with the fall of the U.S.S. R. Free market capitalism has helped Russians unshackle themselves from universal poverty, though the lingering communist elements still inflict control while they dream of an economy of the type China has fostered that allows Communist control and leadership. But, Russia is still armed to the teeth, led by a man unafraid of war and imposing the costs and burdens on his population.

We don’t want war with Russia, it will hurt badly. We will have American’s dying on American soil for the first time since the Civil War (excluding terror attacks) as result of air and sea attacks from Russian forces. Obama, McCain, Graham, and the Europeans seem intent on war with Russia; we can’t have it. Americans don’t want it. Trump can’t be sworn in soon enough to stop this powder keg from blowing.

The election is over. While America should protect herself from all enemies domestic and foreign, and that includes Russia, the Podesta email leaks don't matter now. The Clinton’s are done, and so too is Obama. Obama’s failed foreign policy and his misunderstanding of the basic nature of man and the real world of despots and dictators has left vacuums across the world, Russia simply stepped in because it could.

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