Rejoice, McCain Says New World Order Under Strain

Senator John McCain, the man from Arizona who has overstayed his welcome in the U.S. Congress by dozens of years, the man with all of the federal government’s fiscal, military, and social failures of the past 37 on his hands, speaking among the globalists in Belgium says the “new world order is under enormous strain.”

Finally, he has exposed himself. Consider this, each election cycle John McCain puts his hand on the bible and swears to uphold the U.S. Constitution. How does that square with his long held position as a globalist and new world order guy? Where is the lie? When he swears on the bible?

Unable to see the failure of globalization and the incremental steps taken over the several decades to impose a one world government upon the people of the world, McCain exposes himself as stuck in the past. Where once to espouse nationalism was considered backwards, today the paradigm is shifting, as we see with McCain in Belgium defending the EU and NATO, and instead globalization and one world government seem backwards.

Globalization was led by the U.S. military, then by the auto sector, then by the financial sector, and then by U.S. and European multi-nationals generally. It was about geo-politics, low cost manufacturing competition, and market share. For tens of millions of people in the U.S. and around the world globalization and the move to a one world government has offered wealth, travel, access, and separation from those stuck within their national boundaries. For tens of millions in Asia it has meant jobs and income and wealth. Yet for hundreds of millions of people more it has meant loss of jobs, loss of pride, loss of wealth, loss of country, loss of community, loss of opportunity.

Global institutions led by the UN are reviled. Trade tensions rise yearly around the world. Immigration is transforming communities, states, and countries. Globalization was a flawed idea to begin with, pushed without consent of the governed, and is failing all around us.

John McCain lives in a different world than most Americans. His affinity for the EU and NATO are misplaced in time. His comments on Friday, on foreign soil, disparaging his President is not surprising. His desire to establish closer ties with a failing regional bloc that is the EU fits with his decades of poor judgment, and his defense of NATO as still needed is only the case because he and his buddy Lindsey Graham are instigating war with Russia over Crimea and Ukraine.

John McCain wants war with Russia. John McCain wants to keep spending borrowed money to fund the defense of European nations who have decided not to properly defend themselves. John McCain can’t see the paradigm shift occurring away from globalization and returning to pride in country and the importance of the sovereign nation state.

When is McCain’s term up? Not soon enough.

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