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Economic and financial market intelligence is of critical importance for political and business leaders, financial market participants, individual investors, wealth managers, treasury professionals, candidates for office and others in the midst of these historically uncertain economic and financial times.  


POLICYMATTERS USA offers boutique flat-fee advisory services to help better understand important macroeconomic and financial markets developments at home and abroad, manage the associated risk, and formulate strategy that suits each client's needs and goals.


Have your own macro economist on your team; your own analyst, your own strategist.  No robots.




With unprecedented monetary policy actions by central banks around the world led by the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, historic levels of national debt among the largest economies, ongoing economic lock downs and uncertainty related to COVID, Geo-political instability globally, and financial markets controlled by algorithmic trading models and small investor aggregation businesses and individuals alike face levels of risk and uncertainty rarely seen in the post WWII period.


In this environment decision makers must pay close attention and have the best information and insight to reach their goals and hit their targets.  


At POLICYMATTERS USA we do that for you.  We pay attention, we do the risk analysis.  We won't overload your mailbox or your inbox with cookie-cutter research.  We customize our work to your needs.




We filter through all the noise each day and give you the key asset prices to watch, the important daily headlines, market moving economic data, and access to historical data and trends for the U.S. economy. 


As our client we will make sure you stay ahead of the pack and beat your competition by giving you access to the same information and analytic tools market professionals use each day.  


For a flat monthly fee you will have access to on-demand advisory in macroeconomics, financial markets, and public policy analysis. No minimum investment required, no money management fees.  One-on-one advisory and consultation will be just a phone call or email away six days a week.      


POLICYMATTERS USA's Economic and Financial Markets Advisory service will provide you with the real-time information and analysis so that you can make the best decision, formulate the best policy, make more money, improve margins, or ensure future economic strength and prosperity for yourself, your business, your clients, and your community. 


We start you off each day just like the professionals, with the most up-to-date information.



  • Talking points & Executive Briefs

  • One-on-one advisory meetings customized to your specific needs

  • Historical data analaysis of 38 U.S. economic indcators

  • Customized Macroeconomic analysis and short-term forecasting

  • Analysis of monetary policy and central bank activities

  • Analysis of fiscal policy

  • Geo-political and national security analysis

  • Customized reports and research

For a free consultation and more information Click here

Disclaimer: POLICYMATTERS USA, aka PMUSA, does not manage client money.

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