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"In the pursuit of greater personal and professional achievement education and the learning process never stops."  Frank Roche, Founder & Chief Economist 


Economic and financial literacy is of critical importance in today's fractured financial services industry and complex domestic and international economic landscape.  


When it comes to financial market economics, the intersection between markets and the real-world application of economic theory, there is something new to learn each and every day.


Economic and financial decisions confront us daily in both our professional and home life.  We provide the knowledge to make those decisions easier to formulate and more likely to be successful.    


The Financial Market Economics Certification Course is a college level program designed for:

  • Private sector and non-profit C-Suite executives

  • Treasurers, Accountants & Comptrollers

  • Financial planners & wealth managers

  • Individual investors

  • High school and college students

  • Political leaders and candidates for office


The regularly scheduled curriculum condenses a semester of college work into a fifteen hour program that is flexible in content, pace, and scheduling at just a fraction of the cost. All courses and programs can be customized in terms of time and content.    


  • Financial Market Economics Certification Course (online)

  • Concept Classes (hourly by economic concept) (online)

    • Supply & Demand ​

    • Elasticity

    • Theory of the Firm

    • Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Oligopoly

    • Public Goods & Tax Policy

    • Spending, Income & GDP

    • Inflation and the Price Level

    • Economic Growth

    • Capital Formation & Financial Markets

    • Money & Prices

    • Macroeconomic Policy

    • Monetary Policy and the Federal Reserve Bank

    • Fiscal Policy Spending & Taxes

    • Exchange Rates 

    • International Trade

    • Accounting

  • Tutoring for high school students in economics, AP Economics, finance, accounting, and political science

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