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Join your local restaurant association and keep your finger on the pulse of the restaurant community in your city.  Become part of the PMUSA Restaurant Performance Index (RPI) today. 


Independent restaurant owners in regional cities across America have become critical elements of local downtown

economies long ago abandoned by traditional retail and services businesses.  It is more important than ever for owners and managers to have all the information they need to operate in the most efficient and profitable way.

Data analytics is expanding across America as a tool for business owners, managers and employees to improve their performance and ultimately make more money, improve cash flow, formulate better policies, or win more games.  Big data has long been a part of economic and financial market analysis, is changing the sports world, and it can help the restaurant industry too.

Information is knowledge and provides for greater certainty. Regional restaurant owners and managers no longer have to operate in the dark.  With the RPI channel checks can be reduced and trends can be identified in restaurant traffic, average check amounts, sales & costs, alcohol sales, labor demand and costs, online ordering and reservations, menu prices, taxes and regulations, plus more.  The RPI can also be used as a tool for short-term forecasting (6-12 months) of the same variables listed above providing greater future certainty for budgeting, planning, expansion, and the overall trend in the restaurant sector in your city. 

The RPI is a statistical tool to help you better mange your company, improve profitability, manage operational risk, and shape the sector.  Be a part, join today.

The RPI provides important data and a full view of the health and performance of your cities restaurant sector.  


Join today for free, contact us via email for more information, and sign up instructions.  



The RPI is an diffusion index; a measure of the dispersion of change in a sector or industry established by answering questions about changes of estimated dynamic factors related to that sectors activity.  Popular examples of diffusion indexes come from the Federal Reserve System's regional reserve banks, the Mortgage Bankers Association, the Institute for Supply Mgt, the National Association of Realtors, and the National Restaurant Association among many others. 

The RPI is calculated every two weeks based on the prior two weeks activity.  On the scheduled date PMUSA will publish the headline RPI number for each city.


  • Access to the headline RPI data release for your city and other cities every two weeks

  • Access to the sub components of the RPI for your city

  • Forecasts of performance of the restaurant sector in your city

  • Up to 1 hour per month of advisory and consulting sessions with PMUSA on trends and issues in the restaurant sector

  • Up to 1 hour per month of treasury and accounting advisory and consulting

  • Peace of mind

  • Greater profitability


For a free consultation and more information Click here

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