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​Financial market volatility impacts your business, professional, and personal financial decisions.  Keep up with market action around the globe each day with the hot headlines, 29 market rates, 38 U.S. economic indicators.  

Market headlines are for five days running updated Monday-Friday at approximately 8:15AM & 10AM EST






Canada Jan Housing Starts (ANN): 216.2K v 210K expected


U.S. Dec Consumer Credit: $18.4B v $20B expected, +5.8% annualized

U.S. MBA Mortgage Applications W/E 2/2: .7% v -2..6% expected, 30yr mortgagee 4.5%


U.S. Initial Jobless Claims W/E 1/27: 230K v 235K expected

U.S. Q4  Prelim Nonfarm Productivity: -.1% v -.75 expected, Unit Labor Costs 2%

U.S. Jan ISM Mfg Index: 59.1 v 58.6 expected

U.S. Dec Construction Spending: .7% v .4% expected

Brazil Dec Industrial Production: 2.8% v 1.9% expected, Y/Y 4.35


U.S. Dec Pending Home Sales: .5% as expected, Y/Y -1.8%

U.S. Jan Chicago PMI: 65.7 v 64 expected

U.S. Jan ADP Employment Change: 234K v 185K expected

U.S. Q4 ECI: .6% as expected

U.S. MBA Mortgage Applications W/E 1/26: -2.6% v 4.5% in prior week, 30yr mortgage 4.43%

Canada Nov GDP: .4% as expected, Y/Y 3.5%


Jan Consumer Confidence: 125.4 v 123 expected

Mexico Q4 Prelim GDP: .1% v .6% expected, Y/Y 1.8% 


U.S. Q4 Adv GDP (ANN): 2.6% v 3% expected, Personal Consumption 3.8%, Price Index 2.4%, ex food & energy 1.9% 

U.S. Dec Adv Goods Trade Balance: -$71.6B v -468.9B expected, exports +2.7%, imports +2.5%

U.S. Dec Durable Goods Orders: 2.9% v .8% expected, ex transportation .6%



U.S. DallasFed Pres Kaplan says he still expects 3 interest rate hikes in 2018 

U.S. VP Pence says U.S. will rapidly respond to any use of nuclear weapons; all options on table for NK

Canada PM Trudeau says NAFTA needs to be updated, though no deal is better than a bad deal

U.S. Dept of Defense Spox says U.S. led coalition has conducted airstrikes in Syria

U.S. San Fran Fed Pres Williams says economic expansion is across full range of sectors; doesn't see bubble


U.S. Congress agrees to 2 year budget agreement including a $300B increase in spending over that period 

U.S. House of Reps passes Continuing Resolution to fund gov't thru March 23rd, 245-182

U.S. Pres Trump says ready for a gov't shutdown if can't get deal on immigration


U.S. Energy Dept Envoy to SK says only months away from NK being able to strike U.S. with nuclear capable missile; threat must be eliminated

U.S. VP Pence says today's sell-off in stock prices is just the ebb & flow of markets, strong fundamentals are very strong

U.S. Senate Intel Committee votes to release a Democrat memo related to the Russia probe


U.S. Pres Trump and GOP in Congress considering hike in gas tax to fund infrastructure spending plan


UY.S. Former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan says we both a stock market and bond market bubble, must confront budget deficit

U.S. FOMC leaves the Fed Funds target rate unchanged at 1.25-1.5% as expected

U.S. FOMC Statement says labor market continuing to strengthen, economic activity solid

U.S. House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) will not run for reelection

U.S. DOJ dismisses remaining corruption charges against Sen Menendez (D-NJ)

U.S. Comm Sec Ross says very little progress made on hard NAFTA issues, long way from completion, exiting remains possibility

Canada For Min Freeland says cautiously optimistic about NAFTA deal, significant differences remain


U.S. Pres Trump reverses again, now willing to allow 1.8M DACA recipients amnesty in exchange for $25B for wall and end to chain migration and the via lottery system

U.S. Pres Trump clarifies he puts America First, but it does not mean America alone, wants free and fair trade

U.S. Pres Trump says dollar will strengthen as economy does, wants a strong dollar, Mnuchin comments out of context

U.S. Treas Sec Mnuchin says he was not trying to talk down the dollar, full statement not recorded, strong dollar in best interest of the country

U.S. Fed Ex committing $3.2B in wage increases, bonuses, pension funding, and more capital investment due to tax law




China Jan Retail Auto Sales: 2.25M units, Y/Y +6%

China Jan Trade Balance: $20.3B v $54.7B expected, exports Y/Y +11.1%, imports +36.9% 


China Jan Foreign Reserves: $3.162T v $3.17T in Dec

Hong Kong Jan Foreign Reserves: $441.5B v $431.3B in Dec

China PBoC sets Yuan fix at 6.2882 v 6.3072


Australia Dec Retail Sales: -.5% v -.2% expected

China PBoC sets Yuan fix at 3.6072 v 6.3019


China PBoC sets Yuan fix at 6.3019 v 6.2885


China PBoC sets Yuan fix at 6.2885 v 6.3045


South Korea Jan Trade Balance: $3.72B v $4B expected, exports Y/Y 22.2%, imports Y/Y 20.9%

South Korea Jan CPI: .4% v .7% expected, Y/y 1%

China PBoC sets Yuan fix at 6.3045 v 6.3339



China FX Reg SAFE Spox says they will push forward in supporting business investment overseas to advance cross-border investment and capital account convertibility

Japan BOJ Member Suzuki says important to remain patient and maintain easing policy; only half way to price target though no need to additional easing  


China gov't SPOX says U.S. tariffs not in line with international agreements and has filed a challenge with the WTO

China Ambassador to the U.S. Tiankai says U.S. making misjudgment on China, China will continue path of development as sees fit and aligns with Chinese national interests, others hoping otherwise should face reality

Taiwan Jan Trade Balance: $2.4B v $4.9B expected


India Gov't Spox says India will impose 100% tariff on sugar imports, up rom 50% previously

Australia RBA leaves interest rates unchanged at 1.5% as expected

South Korea Trade Association says SK face far more import restrictions from the U.S. than any other country

Singapore Dep PM says no strong case to ban cyrptocurrency, closely studying sector


North Korea Gov't SPOX says their nucs will deter U.S. aggression on peninsula, Trump's antagonistic ways endanger the U.S. 


China Comm Min says hope U.S. will not politicize trade issues, still views U.S. as trade partner


EU ECB"s Coeure (FRA) says currency wars always a losing proposition, expects EU rates to remain low for long period of time; wants to see exchange rates reflect economic and monetary conditions

Middle East/Africa



South Africa Dec Mfg Production: 1.1% v .5% expected, Y/Y 2%

Turkey Dec Industrial Production: .9% v .5% expected, Y/Y 8.7%


Turkey Jan CPI: 1% v 1.2% expected, Y/Y 10.4%


South Africa Dec CPI: .5% as expected, ex food & energy .3%, Y/Y 4.7%




Germany Dec Trade Balance: $22.5B v $26B expected, exports +.3%, imports +1.4%


Germany Dec Industrial Production: -.6% v -.7% expected, Y/Y 6.5%

France Dec Trade Balance: -$4.3B v -$6B expected, exports +5.9%, imports +.4%


Germany Dec Factory Orders: 3.8% v .3% expected, Y/y 7.2%


EU Dec Retail Sales: -1.1% v -1% expected, Y/y 1.9%


EU Dec PPI: .2% as expected, Y/Y 2.2%


Germany Jan CPI: -.7% v -.6% expected, Y/Y 1.6%

EU Q4 Adv GDP: .65 as expected, Y/Y 2.7%

France Q4 Adv GGDP: .6% as expected, Y/Y 2.4%

France Dec Consumer Spending: -1.2% v -.1% expected, Y/Y 1%

Spain Q4 Prelim GDP: .7% as expected, Y/Y 3.1%

Italy Jan Consumer Confidence: 115.5 v 116.7 expected

UK Dec Mortgage Approvals: 61K v 63.5K expected



UK BOE leaves benchmark interest rate unchanged at .5% as expected, indicates next rate hike may come sooner than anticipated

UK Press reports reveal a plan by billionaire George Soros to fund anti-Brexit members of parliament and media to force a reversal of plan to leave EU


EU ECB"s Nowotny (AUS) says U.S. Treasury is deliberately talking down the U.S. dollar and wants to keep it low

Germany press reporting deal has been reached to form gov't with CDU and SPD


Germany Chancellor Merkel says ready for painful compromises in coalition to talks to get a government formed

UK Brexit snag a the EU wants to keep up to 40 directives in place during transition including recycling bins and auto emissions


UK London Mayor Kahn 'ring fences' London home sales to give Londoners 'first dibs' on homes for one month before marketed overseas


EU ECB's Nowotny says ECB in situation where they could end asset purchases program, end QE

EU ECB's Praet (BEL) says extensive degree of stimulus remains necessary, still some distance from inflation target

UK PM May says will forge a global strategic relationship with China, welcomes Chinese investments and growing trade links


EU ECB's Praet (BEL) says ECB QE policy is data dependent, calls for patience and persistence

EU ECB's Knot (NTH) says the ECB must end their QE program, there is not longer any reasons for it, says Draghi does not want to commit to ending the program because of concerns about Euro strength

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