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Algorithmic trading models dominate all product markets and have represented a paradigm shit in trading and investing.  Along with that comes systemic risk unlike anything modern financial markets have ever seen given the conduct of monetary policy around the globe and unprecedented levels of public and private debt. 

Today 2/6/18: lower equities, stronger U.S. dollar, lower interest rates, lower energy, lower metals

Market prices are below and updated Monday-Friday at approximately 8:15AM EST. 



S&P 500: U.S. stock index

NIKKEI: Japanese stock index

HSI: Hong Kong stock index

SHCOMP: Chinese stock index

DAX: German stock index

CAC 40: French stock index

FTSE: UK stock index

EUR/USD: U.S. Dollars per Euro

USD/JPY: Yen per U.S. Dollar

EUR/JPY: Yen per Euro

GBP/USD: U.S. Dollar per British Pound

USD/CAD: Canada D per U.S. Dollar

USD/MEX: Peso per U.S. Dollar

USD/CHF: Swiss Francs per U.S. Dollar

USD/CNY: Yuan per U.S. Dollar

US 3mth: 3 mth bill rate

US 2yr: 2 yr note rate

US 5yr: 5 yr note rate

US 10yr: 10 yr bond rate

US 30yr: 30 yr bond rate

Japan 10yr: 10 yr bond rate

Germany 10yr: 10 yr bond rate

UK 10yr: 10 year bond rate

WTI: Oil, West Texas Intermediate

Brent: Oil, North Sea Brent

Gasoline: Auto fuel

CRB: Commodities futures price index

BDI: Dry raw materials transport cost index

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